read a thon
Hello Cottonwood Readers!
I bet you have wondered what happened to our Read-A-Thon? It has been very successful!

After some thought, we decided to extend the Read-A-Thon until the end of May. This way you can continue to enter reading sessions. Remember this is optional and not required.

At the end of May, we will finalize the Read-A-thon and then you will have 10 days to do your online shopping. Prizes will then be distributed to you. For students with more than 5 sponsors/donors we will set up a luncheon sometime during the summer. Don't forget we have 3 bicycles for the top 3 students with the most sponsors/donors. Any questions please email Mrs. Lowe beckylo@ckschools.org.

For more information click here for our Read-A-Thon site: https://www.read-a-thon.com/sc…/Cottonwood-Elementary_30193…

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