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Please watch the Weekly Message from Mrs. Rivero-11/23/2020

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the classroom teacher or the office at 360-662-8300.

No Curbside Pick up this Week....November 23-25th
Cottonwood Library
is offering curbside check out!
Using Destiny in Classlink, students can hold books...Curbside Library Check out

Here are the specifics….
1. Students can hold up to 3 books for a 2 weeks
2. Students pick up books during Non Digital Material pick up times out front
3. Students can ordered books anytime; however books ordered after Wednesdays @ 12:00pm are available for pick up the following week.
4. Students will receive a ready to pick up notice to the guardian’s email.
5. Students return books to the Library drop box out front.

Need help on how to hold books? Check out these two videos

Visual Check out Grades K-2

Destiny Check out Grades 3-5

Happy Reading Everyone!

Need Tech Help?  Google Help?

Mrs. Lowe 

Do you need any tech help, Google, and/or digital needs? 
If so, please reach out to Mrs. Lowe, Teacher Librarian/Media Specialist.
You can reach her @ beckylo@ckschools.org or via phone (360)662-8320.

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