School Performance

We, and all Central Kitsap schools, strive to ensure that all students have the knowledge and skills to prepare for new challenges, both in school and beyond graduation.

We measure our success in many ways, including through relevant curriculum and assessments.

Every year, all schools in Washington report information about the previous school year. We receive data in August and compile the information into an annual report.

You can learn more about assessments used in CK schools on the district website. You can find state test results for our school and schools statewide online at

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Our staff continually strives to improve our practices and positively impact student improvement. One way that we work toward improvement is through annual School Improvement Plans (SIP). Each year, we look at our student performance data on multiple measures, and design our School Improvement Plan to target identified areas of need. We update these plans yearly with input from staff, families, community members and district leaders.