Music happenings:

For a week in January, all grades participated in combined music and PE classes for a dance unit. We learned dances from many countries including: USA, Sweden, French Canada, Norway, Romania, South Africa, Netherlands, Ukraine, and Mexico.  Check out Cottonwood's Facebook page for some pictures!  


Grade 5 has been researching and learning about culturally important figures for Black History Month.  On Monday, February 27, a number of the students will be presenting their projects at a school-wide assembly.  Also, the students in music class are working on a Musician Scavenger Hunt on their Chromebooks.  


Grade 4 is learning Recorder Karate.  The class practices the songs together and students demonstrate their learning by playing songs of increasing difficulty.  As each student passes a test, he/she earns a new belt, just like in martial arts.  In addition, the students are learning to read music notes through Mad Minute note reading tests.  Check out their progress on the bulletin board outside the music room!


Grade 3 has been learning about tempo (the speed of music) through songs, movement activities, and games of varying speeds, like Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Tony Chestnut Knows I Love You.  The students are learning how to read, decode, and write rhythms.  Their progress is outstanding!


Grade 2 has been learning about instruments of the orchestra and families of instruments (brass, woodwind, strings, and percussion) from around the world.  We just finished the brass family and now are learning about the string family (banjo, violin, bass, guitar, etc.) through listening selections, creative movement activities, stories, and songs.  


Grade 1 and Kindergarten have been learning about tempo, specifically fast and slow, through songs, games, instrument playing, and movement activities with transportation songs.  We've sung and done activities with Down By the Station, Take You Riding in the Car, Car, Wheels on the Bus, and Walking, Walking.