Federal Impact Aid Forms


Every year the District must apply for Federal Impact Aid funds from the U.S. Department of Education.  These funds compensate CKSD for the loss of local tax dollars from tax-exempt federal property.  The District must conduct a Federal Residence and Employment Survey on a yearly basis in order to obtain a current count of families in the District who live and/or work on federal property.  On November 1, 2017, students will be bringing home the survey form used for this count.  It is important that all appropriate sections on the form be filled out completely and accurately and the form is signed and dated for each student.

These funds benefit all of our students and are used for basic education programs District-wide (except for the special education portion, which is used directly for that program).  Federal Impact Aid is different than Heavy Impact funds.  The Federal Impact Aid survey forms are required for full funding of Impact Aid. Your cooperation in assisting the District in this matter is greatly appreciated.